Had sex with another man while 5 months pregnant

Patient: I had sex with someone else other than my partner while 5 months pregnant will the baby have the other mans traits

Doctor: Thank you for your question. This is not possible. DNA is the genetic material that encodes for the production of the m olecules that form the human body. It comes from both parents. During conception, your egg is fertilized by the sperm of your partner resulting in the development of an embryo and subsequent fetus. Upon fertilization, your and his genetic material (DNA) mix to form unique DNA that will govern the development of your baby. At five months of pregnancy, your child DNA is already established, and cannot be mixed with any other DNA. Your child will not be affected by the situation you have described. However, unprotected sex during pregnancy does not prevent you from sexually transmitted infections such as Herpes, and HIV. We recommend that you are tested for STIs before you give birth, in order to prevent transmission to your baby.Thank you for choosing askthedoctor.com