Had unprotected sex 2 weeks ago

Patient: Hello,2 weeks ago I believe to have had a unprotected sexual encounter with a female however I was very intoxicated and cannot remember exactly what occurred. The next couple of days following I had masturbated quite a few times with hair conditioner. About 4 to 5 days later I began noticing a sharp pain at the tip of my penis, more specifically, at the urethra opening. This pinching sensation has come and gone since but it generally becoming less severe. I have not noticed any discharge whatsoever and the pain is not affected while urinating nor have I noticed any lesions or discoloring of the skin. My questions are- Is this problem consistent with any stds? Is it possible for irritation from the conditioner can last this long? Is it common for an std to exhibit only one sign such as the pinching pain without displaying any of the others? If it is neither the conditioner nor an std, what are some other possibilities?Thank you for your help.


Doctor: Thanks for your question.tIt difficult to predict whether it is a STD or ‘conditioner’ generated pain without a pr oper physical examination. I understand you need to do a test for gonococcal bacteria of your urethral swab to rule out gonococcal infections and culture of urine to see whether there are some bacteria in your urine. You may apply some antibacterial ointment over part. Ensure adequate water intake.Hope this helps


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Dr. Suneel Sharman M.D.

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