Had unprotected sex with akward sensation in my stomach

Patient: Well i had sex with my boyfriend and we didnt use a condom but i have gotren my perido for 2 monts now but ive been realky sleepy and after i eat in the after noon and only i the after noon i feel a realky wierd sensation in my stomach and my brest were acheing but once i got my period they stopped acheing that much and continued until my period ended could i be pregnant?

Symptoms: Feel sleepy and my breast were aching , weird sensation in my stomach after i eat

Doctor: Hello Dear, what I understand from your question is that you had unprotected sex with your boy friend 2 months ago after which you had two normal menstrual cycle, if this is right, then the chances for a conception from that episode of unprotected sexual intercourse are almost remote.These all may either be premenstrual cycle symptoms. Just to rule out pregnancy go for a home pregnancy test. Hope that answers your query.Good day.