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Patient: Hi, I am 8 months pregnant and i have severe hair fall in front side. the scalp has began to be seen. I am worried. Earlier before marriage i used Morr 3% for 2 months and Candid TV shampoo. Please advise what i should do now.Should I continue with Morr and if so what %?

Doctor: Thank you for your question. The hair loss you are experiencing is likely due to the hormonal fluctuations associated wi th pregnancy. After you give birth to your child, your hair will likely grow back within two months. We do not recommend using any medicated treatments containing minoxidil and finasteride such as Morr 3%. Furthermore, if you decide to breastfeed after your child is born, please refrain from using this hair loss treatment. For more guidance on the safe treatment of your hair loss, please speak to your doctor after giving birth.Thank you for consulting with your health question.

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