Hair Loss and Exercise and Diet

Patient: Hi there.I’m 21. Over the last three years, my hair has gone very thin. I’ve always had thin and fine hair, since I was a child. And it has always been noticably thinner at the crown and the top of the head. I get this from my mother. But in the last three years, it’s gotten much worse. Around three years ago, I heard about a new low GI diet designed to get rid of acne, and I decided to overcompensate by cutting out carbs completely for the first 4 or 5 months. At this time, I was having a LOT of PROTEIN and PROTEIN SHAKES as I was working out at the time. I was doing a lot of intense weight training, and being quite stagnant at other times. I got back on low GI carbs eventually (this did in fact clear up my acne completely – I’m on that diet to this day and I have lovely skin) but for a while it was still protein heavy with lots of weight training and no aerobic exericse. My question is whether this high protein diet, weight training, protein shakes, and NO aerobic exericse could have contributed to my hair loss? I’ve recently started eating more carbs and cutting down on protein and doing more aerobic exericse, and it might be my imagination, but it looks like I have new hairs growing. I would like to know whether this is possible, or if it’s just my imagination. And I don’t understand it completely, but I know there’s a link between carb and protein intake, insulin resistance and acne and hairloss. Can this all be related? Is it possible that I could be growing some of my hair back? I’ve also started massaging my scalp regularly and not washing it so much.