Hair Loss at 19, RAPID

Patient: Hello, I am a 19 year old suffering from rapid hair loss. I do not believe it to be male pattern baldness.I recently left for college. My diet has been subpar, I suffer from a lack of sleep, for a time I was dehydrated, I have also dealt with stress from classes. I also heard DHT has an effect on hair loss. Self diagnosis leads me to believe it is telogen effluvium.What could be the cause(s) of my hair loss? I am very worried.

Symptoms: Hair loss, itchy scalp

Hair Loss at 19, RAPID-1 Hair Loss at 19, RAPID-1 Hair Loss at 19, RAPID-1

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor. Hair loss and itchy scalp can have various reasons/causes.Hair loss may be a result of -1. inadequate diet lacking iron and minerals2. Use of harmful chemicals or hair products.3. excess stress4. recent surgery5. antibiotics and other drugsHair growth is a 2 phase process. 1.anogen phase (growth) 2. Telogen phase (arrest phase)telogen effluvium is a condition when the hair growth is consistently on the telogen phase and skips the anogen phase. You may notice a hair fall of 300 or more per day. the best way to suspect this condition is if there is a lot of hair left on the pillow.treatment would include managing the cause. healthy eating and balanced diet are essential.Itchy scalp could have many reasons -1. dandruff2. head lice3. skin conditions – psoriasis lichen planus, ringworm infection etc.treatment would be directed toward the your case, i would recommend a visit to the dermatologist for an accurate diagnosis and required treatment.hope this information was useful.