Hair loss at 19 years of age

Patient: I’m just turning 19 years of age, and I’m a male. I have NO family history hair loss on either sides. I started noticing hair loss in the front of my hairline over a year ago and was prescribed minoxidil rogaine 5% by my dermatologist. it worked for 8 months , then went to hell, and my hair loss is worse than it’s ever been. I do not stress more than an average person. I’m completely health , and eat great! my protiem intake is around 100-200g of protein a day (I lift) and I take a multivitamin, saw palmetto, l- lysine, and biotin everyday. my hair loss is in my hair line, it’s receding backwords AND there’s different patches of hair loss in the hairline itself. please help. there has to be a way to reverse this, I’m young, and have no family history of hair loss.

Doctor: Hello. Welcome to ask the doctor.As per details, the most likely possibility for your symptoms is a condition known as Androgenetic alopecia.It is characterised by receding hairline in males that more commonly involves frontotemporal area of the usually has a genetic predisposition, but genetic history is not necessarily found in all cases.In such cases, I prefer to advise topical minoxidil in combination with topical finasteride daily.Minoxidil takes at least 3 -6months to show any benefits.Once it is stopped, hair loss reverts back to original within 9 months.I also advise Platelet Rich Plasma therapy(PRP) with or without Dermaroller in such cases with very good results.You may discuss this with your treating doctor.I hope it helps.Take care.