Hair loss for last 3 years I am age of 26.

Patient: Hi Dr,I am getting irritating with this hair loss. I am now 26 male not married I have this problem from last 3 years. I am using green tea and having Biotin Tablets every day. 1 green tea every day. But I use to ejaculate 1 or 2 times per day. Is ejaculate a reason for this hair loss. Can you suggest me some way that I can re-grow my hair. I know its because of high DHT hormones produced in body. I did a small research, bur need a expert help. Please help me out.ThanksAnu Raj

Symptoms: Hair loss

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Excessive ejaculation is not associated with hair loss. Your hair loss could be a normal ge netic phenomenon which you inherited from your parents, it can be due hormonal imbalances such as decreased thyroid hormone, anemia, or nutritional deficiencies. We recommend that you follow up with your doctor to conduct a thorough evaluation of your hair loss to determine if this is normal male pattern hair loss, or if is being caused by any of the aforementioned conditions.Thank you for consulting