Hair loss from long time :(

Patient: Hair loss-I am a girl 15 year oldI am having hair fall from more than 1 year, I have tried everything, for example, blood tests, had iron tablets even thought it wasn’t low, used many oils mixed together (coconut oil, olive oil and few others)I used to use oil before that alsoI never straight my hair a lot, I guess once in a monthI had multivitamins alsoI guess I did everything but it wont stop falling and start growing again:/please help

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Since any physiological problem for your hair loss has been ruled out you may be experienci ng hair loss due to stress. During intense stress or anxiety a number of hair follicles can go into the resting phase of growth. When the hair that is currently growing from this follicles fall out, new hair will not regrow. This is not a permanent phenomenon, rather, when your stress/anxiety levels are treated, the hair should regrow. If this may be the case you would be best served by having any psychological issues that you may be experiencing. This can be done by consulting your doctor and having a complete mental health examination.Thank you for consulting