Hairline Fracture of Fibula after Basketball

Patient: I injured my ankle playing basketball three days ago, and it became very swollen after the game. I am a 15 year old male. I saw a foot doctor the next day and he diagnosed a bad sprain as well as a possible hairline fracture in my lower fibula. I had an MRI done the same night. I am currently on crutches and in a soft cast. I go back two days from now to see my doctor, and I am curious. If the MRI confirms a hairline fracture, what kind of treatment should i expect? Also I’d like to know what kind to expect if the MRI shows up negative. Thank you.

Doctor: If the MRI confirms a fracture, the leg will be immobilized in a cast for six weeks to three months. You will also be gi ven painkillers which will not only help with the pain but the swelling as well. If it is only a sprain, then your ankle should be placed in a brace for 1-2 weeks and walking begun as soon as possible.  You may require physical therapy to help with the recovery process.