Hairline lowering surgery for women

Patient: I am a female aged 26.from birth i have a very broad forehead.please suggest a method.i visited a doctor and he suggested a hairline lowering method. Does that leave any visible scars? Any good doctors for this in Aligarh, Uttar.Pradesh?Thanks




Doctor: There are indeed hairline lowering procedures aimed at improving the appearance of persons who have high hairline or big forehead. All the currently available techniques involve either the transplantation of hair follicles or the repositioning of the scalp. The surgeries are performed in such a manner as to hide any subsequent scars.Hair transplantation has some disavantages in that it is a long procedure, expensive and labor intensive. While the scalp repositioning procedure tends be significantly shorter while offering comparable results.Unfortunately, I am unable to suggest any surgeons in your region which perform these procedures. Best of luck

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