Hairloss related treatment

Patient: Hi Doctor,I am 22 year old, i have a hairfall from the age of 20.I consulted a doctor 2 years back she adviced me to use Hair 4 u 2% and then hair 4 u 5% solution and the hair began to grow in the front head and hair grown there is thick and weak.After sometime , it began to fall off.Once again i consulted the doctor she advised me to take rogaine 5 % and the hair began to grow thick and weak after 3 months.Doctor advised me to take rogaine 2% and the doctor advised me to stop the medicine gradually.And the hair grown in that front head had began to fall.Once again i consulted the same doctor she advised me to take morr-f 5% solution and androanagen for 30 days alone.After 30 days i consulted her she told to continue the medicine morr-f alone and i am using this morr-f for 4 months and i am still using it.The hair grown in the front side of the head is small,thin and weak.My queries are:1) does monoxidile use for more than 2 years cause any side effects?2)Now i look 5 years older ,my face skin had become rough and wrinkles under the eye is this because of monoxide?3)how to grow the small hair into thick n healthy one front side of the head?4)how long i have to use the morr-f?Please advice on the above queries doctor..

Symptoms: Hairfall