Hammstring strain time for recovery

Patient: I am a runner. I pull my left hamstring 5 months ago and since then I haven’t been able to totally recovered. I let a few days go and then when I have no pain I start training again slowly but after a few weeks when I am running I feel that sharp pain in the back on my leg, up high close to my butt. How long should I wait since I pull the muscle until I can start training?

Symptoms: Sharp pain in the back on my leg while running

Doctor: Thank you for writing to us.It seems that you have injured your muscles. Here are possible causes:Muscle strainL igament injuryOther possibilities if not injured – Muscular dystrophy, Sciatica, Tight muscles.You can try these things to help you:Ice the area for 15 mins every hourElevate the leg to allow blood to flow back to the heartParacetamol/Ibuprofen to reduce the swellingMassage and stretching and talk to a PhysiotherapistIf this doesn’t reduce the pain, you need to talk to a Doctor. He should get you a diagnosis. And once the diagnosis is reached, you can start the treatment.I hope that this will help you. All the best.