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Hard and non painful testicular lump

Dear Ask The Doctor:
Hi, I currently have a pea sized lump on on my testicle, it feels hard and isnt painful. I have had it for about 2 years and i had it checked out a year ago and was told it was a cyst but it asnt grown or disapeared. I am unable to visit a doctor right now as work away at sea, is it something i should get double checked asap or is it more then likely just a cyst. The ball-lump moves twirls around a set point. Many thanks


Typically any cyst would feel soft on palpation.A testicular tumor on the other hand is usually hard and non painfull. It is a common malignancy especially in your age group and as a rule any solid testicular mass in young males a testicular tumor needs to be ruled out. They are highly curable but need to be detected soon. I would advice you to get it checked sooner than later.All the best.

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