Hard flaccid, weak erections standing

Patient: Im 20 years old. i have had problems with my penis for the past two months. i masturbate regularly, and the past few months had gotten more rough with it. 2 months ago in my sleep i had a very strong erection that i remember laying on in an awkward position, i masturbated as well that day pretty roughly. the next morning my penis was sore and in a hard flaccid state. i tried masturbating and was unable to reach normal erection and after a few minutes lost almost all feeling. i was barely able to ejaculate because i didn’t want blue balls. I have been straining from masturbating, only have done it 10 times since the injury. i recently did not masturbate for a little over a month. i masturbated twice in two days and had some premature ejaculations. i thought i was healed because my erections were close to normal. however, now i am dealing with hard flaccid again. i plan on restraining from orgasming for awhile. if their is anything you can tell me that will help i would really enjoy that.

Symptoms: Hard flaccid penis, slight swelling, some erection dysfunction