Hard, painless bumps on and under my glans.

Patient: Hello. I am unsure of what’s wrong with me.2 years ago, I had gay sex with a guy. Whatever we did was kiss, and 69 blowjob then after I went home, weeks or months later, I realized a lump growing on my glans. Also, it slowly spread to the base of my glans this year. They seemed to grow uncontrollably under my glans. But the one bump remained, one, on the glan itself. It kinda enlarged a little compared to last year. Now it’s like 2mm-3mm or 4, likely 3. Characteristics: Solid, round, white in colour/bright coloured I suppose. And most of all, rock solid solid like I first mentioned. Harder than my glans when erected. Why did I say I suppose it’s bright? My frenulum is not detached and my foreskin has not completely dissolved. As a matter of fact, I can’t retract my foreskin completely because 11/20 of it is still intact! Like it’s glued. And the spots are growing like below it. I can only see their existence by stretching and sliding my foreskin, to see a not moving, still white (to my eye with foreskin filter) object on my glans of course. I am freaking worried about my condition, for like months since last November. Oh yes, there are roughly 20- spots under my glans that are hard and of different sizes. They also do not grow on anywhere else but my glans. No ulcers or sores in mouth during or after sex. Please help me out people I’m really afraid to see a doctor sorry. And thanks a lot.

Symptoms: There are only these round and nearly completely spherical balls size mentioned above on my glans and a lot under it. They are hard and painless. Even harder than my glans when I’m erect.

Doctor: You have complained of painless bumps or lumps on your glan penis after homosexual activity. Since it was unprotected, y ou might have contacted STD. Painless lumps are seen in genital warts, molluscum contageogum and painless hard ulcer is seen in syphilis. Though you are afraid of visit a physician, it is mandatory to visit a physician, as you require promp treatment under a physician supervision. Use condom if you are active in sex, as you can infect your partner.