Hard to breathe while waking up from sleep

Patient: I was having a dream that someone that looked really familiar was holding me in a position and threatening to break my arm. I was confused, but I couldn’t say anything or move. My arms began to go numb, but the person finally let go and the dream stopped. I was awake but my eyes wouldn’t open. Then I felt a pressure on my neck and breathing became hard. My breathing did not completely stop, it had only become extremely tough to get oxygen. I felt like there was a breath on my face, like there was someone there. I counted the seconds that I was struggling to breathe and it was only about 7 seconds. I immediately opened my eyes and saw nothing. The same thing had also happened to me on a plane a while back, but I ignored it. This always happens when I’m asleep, and it scares me to the point my heart is pounding in my ears as I wake up.

Symptoms: Hard to breathe, paralyzed

Doctor: Hello,The experience you have had in sleep is known as NIGHTMARE and it typically occurs in REM IV stage of sleep. T hese are commonly seen in people who have a very stressful life and have been usually tired by the end of the day .These are subconscious replications of your fears in daily life and they can be treated with A mild antianxiety drug at sleeptime. You may take tab alprazolam half the dose 1 tab on alternate nights for a week. You should be benefitted.I hope i have answered your query,regards