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Patient: I have a large hard white pimple-like mass inside of my nose. It is somewhat sore and it is hard. My nose feels congested all the time. The mass is small and I can see a hole in it like a hair follicle. I have attached a picture

Symptoms: Hard lump in nose. Sort of sore. Somewhat congested.

White mass inside nose Like...-1

Doctor: Since when have you got this lump? How was it noticed ? Does it appear to fall off if tried to pull out like a scab or so? From the appearance it looks like a kerotosis or a small scar in reaction to a small injury in past. This area is a junction between the in-turned skin of collumella and the nasal mucosa, but does not look to be related to the hair as such. My advice would be:

Get this excised under local anesthesia and get a histo-pathological diagnosis. This will help in 2 ways:

1. you get rid of the mass which is not a normal part of the body

2. you get a perfect diagnosis.

I hope this answer helps you to get a proper diagnosis and curative treatment.

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Patient: I had a baby 6 months ago and had very dry nasal passages. Possibly I irritated that area over time. I think I had what I thought was a pimple there a week ago or so but I can’t remember. The skin can be pulled off in little pieces. I noticed it yesterday morning. Just felt sore and dry.

Doctor: Thanks for your feedback. This looks to be the case as we discussed . Get the surgery done and be assured .

Patient: Is keratosis the same as scar tissue?

Doctor: There is a small difference. Scar is a pure fibrosis and keratosis is overgrowth of keratin.

Patient: It seems to be going away now. Would either of these (scar or karatosis) do that?

Doctor: Yes, this is the area where the character of growth of skin is different and can separate off the lesions.
Please confirm if the new skin that comes is normal, otherwise still go take a second opinion. Remember it my come all off. Just confirm that the base is a healthy skin/mucosa- if not consult an ENT.

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