Hardness pain in side of neck and face

Patient: Hello,I have been having problems with the right side of my neck, jaw and behind the ear.It starts with a feeling like I may have gas trapped at the bottom of my throat but it never is gas.Its not stomach acids either.Then I get a feeling on the right side of my lower neck towards the front that feels like ‘hardness’.This spreads up my neck and under the front of my right jaw.Then will progress up and to the back-bottom of my ear.It then turns quite painful.This appears to happen at random.Sometimes giving me pain just above the top of my ear as well.A number of times the pain has gone into the both the top and bottom jaws at the back.It feels like bad toothache yet my teeth are ok.The pain seems to randomly come and go over a period of hours-days.A few months ago, I had a very bad pain to the front bottom right side of my neck and if I tried to lay down then the pain go worse all the way up my neck and into the right side of my face.It also made me light headed and I felt that I was about to pass out.This mostly cleared by the following day.Could it be a problem with my Carotid artery ?I have been taking Naproxen for about 8 days but has not made much difference.Many thanks.