Has the marina coil messed my chances on becoming pregnant.

Patient: I had the merina coil for a year i had heavy bleading all the time on it and constantly wereing pads, i had it removed 7 months ago, since then i desprate to get pregnant for my 3ed child, im only 21. i not having regular periods there every 37 days and the last one was 7 weeks late so the period i just cam off was very heavy. with my periods all over the place i not sure when im obulationg, has having the coil removed mess up my chance on ever having my 3ed baby, every one elus i know had regular periods almost strate after having it removed up to 3 4 weeks. why am i so slow to go back to regular 25-30 day cycle. if you have any information and tips on how to get pregnant and pin pointing the obulation it would be much apretiated thankx