Hashimotos weight loss

Patient: Okay so I have Hashimotos and Im on levothyroxine. Im lactose intolerant and Ive cut out everything dairy from my diet. I exercise for about an hour 5-6 days a week. I eat small portions and my daily meal routine looks a little like this:Breakfast1 small cup of coffee with splenda and natural sugar free flavoring1 package of quaker sugar free oatmeal with one chopped banannaLunchEither baby carrots, grapes, an apple, or watermellon1 odawalla granola barSnackUsually an apple, cashews, almonds, or pretzelsDinner. . . always differs. But I use a small “side” plate and dont get secondsI drink about 8 cups of water a day (if not more)Ive had to cut down my diet in order to not GAIN any more weight. I need help with losing weight! It seems to not be working for me at all. . . any helpful advice?