Have anxiety Lately my heart rate has been in the

Patient: Have anxiety. Lately my heart rate has been in the 90s and sometime the low 100s. I’ve had my heart checked out by a cardiologist about a month ago who said my heart is fine. What can I do to reduce my heart rate. Is it okay to exercise?

Doctor: Welcome to Ask The Doctor.We are here to help you.Normal resting heart rate is between 60-100 beats per minute.I t varies from person to person and basal metabolic rate (BMR) of the body.Your pulse seems to be normal to me. The common causes of high pulse rate are Fever, Anxiety, Cardiac arrhythmias, Hyperthyroidism, Drugs like Salbutamol.If your resting heart rate crosses 100 beats per minute, then I would advise you to get thyroid profile and ECG. Try to keep yourself calm and start practicing meditation.Avoid alcohol, smoking in case you do.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy