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Have blood in urine. Feel fine otherwise.

Patient: I just urinated and there was blood in my urine. I felt no burning or pain. What could be causing the blood? I am a male 65 years old in good shape. Just had blood work done and it was good.




Symptoms: Blood in urine

Doctor: Thank you for your question. Painless discharge of blood in the urine is a cause for concern. The most common cause of p ainless hematuria (blood in the urine) is the development of bladder cancer. We are not telling you this to alarm you but we want you to promptly go to your doctor to be examined. You may need to undergo an ultrasound, and consult a urologist to rule out the cancer as a cause of your bleeding. It is also possible, on a less serious note, that you may be suffering form a developing urinary tract infection which can simply be treated with a course of antibiotics. Please see your doctor immediately.Thank you for consulting


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