Have developed strange Flu like symptoms

Patient: Hello im currently studying in Thailand and have recently developed some wierd symptoms. I have a really bad cough and tend to cough up alot of flemmy mucousy stuff from the lungs. i also have a mild sore throat and the sides of my eyes have turned really pinkish red along with the veins and ache a little bit. on top of that i had also been getting muscle spasms throughout my hands, neck and legs but it seems to have subsided abit now.The reason im asking is because i dont think it’s the Flu. Ive had the flu many times before and the symptoms were nothing like this. Im afraid i may be developing dengue fever, diabetes or some other disease. I will be going to the Hospital tomorrow and although most Thai doctors are generally good at what they do, ive noticed when they look at symptoms they tend to just diagnose you with one thing, when in reality many different diseases can cause the same symptoms.Anyway any info would be appreciated.cheers.Matt.