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Have ivory to skin coloured bumps about three or four

Patient: Have ivory to skin coloured bumps about three or four under foreskin together on the right side of the penis on the top of the shaft. I have noticed them for months and it hasn’t spread or gotten bigger that I have noticed. I kind of freaked out when I read on it yesterday and picked at it which is why it is redish… They are small and flat and smokth with a slight raise.. I am a sexually active person but use protection most of the time. I have had no symptoms no burning or itching or anything. Is this genital warts ?



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Doctor: Hello,Thank you for your query at AskTheDoctor.comI am happy to help you.Thanks for sharing the image and pointin g out the bump so clearly too.This does not look like genital warts at all. Warts do not look like that, they are longer and elongated and have a very typical characteristic. Moreover, the size keeps growing till Aldara is applied.This looks like an allergy or now since you have picked on them, there is a possibility to develop a bacterial infection. If they are not growing in size and is not painful or does not cause any irritation, I will advise you to ignore them completely. Still, you can get it examined by a dermatologist and if required she can give you a prescription for Neosporin-H ointment, to see if it resolves the bumps.I will like to add one more possibility. They could also be benign Fordyce spots, but looks a little irritated now, since you picked on them. This too does not require any medication.Hope this was helpful to you,I will be glad to help you further,Regards.

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Patient: Is it normal to have Fordyce spots there kind of randomly like that ? They look like little flat hair follicles like you would see on the shaft when I haven’t picked at it

Doctor: Hello, yes, they can randomly show up like that. Moreover, your description that it looks like hair follicles confirm the possibility of Fordyce spots. That’s exactly what they look like.


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