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Have just accidently swallowed pure I have just accidently swallowed pure

Patient: Have just accidently swallowed pure…I have just accidently swallowed pure organic undiluted tee tree oil four drops. I put the four drops in my 10ml iron supplement thinking it was my vitamin d bottle but it was tee tree. I’ve drank plenty water to help. It’s been 20 minutes and feel of just keep burping the tee tree oil and feel … little sick. Do I need medical treatment? Tee tree oil is very toxic so I read online. I’m slightly worried



Doctor: Hello. Welcome to Ask The Doctor. We are here to help you.Tea tree oil is safe to use locally only. It is considere d toxic if taken orally.Taking tree tea oil by mouth can cause confusion, inability to walk, unsteadiness, rash, and in extreme cases coma. The severity depends on the dose. You have taken small dose but still you need medical attention as swallowed tea tree oil can cause dangerous poisoning in less than thirty minutes. So you should go to emergency now and report them. In case you have poured it by chance over your clothes clean it and change clothes. Rush to emergency and carry on the bottle with you. If your doctors on examining you and the bottle feels that it can cause any severe toxicity they will do a gastric lavage and will put you under observation with supportive treatment like Intravenous fluids and Proton pump inhibitors like Pantoprazole.So you should not further waste your time in searching online the dangers of the oil and rush to emergency.I hope it helps.Get well soon.



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Patient: Hi Thanks for your reply.
I took the four drops at 7am this morning and it is now 7pm at night. I have not been for medical advice. Can I assume since its been 12 hours since I ingested the tee tree oil than I am ok?

Doctor: Hopefully you will be fine since 12 hours have elapsed but a clinical examination is always required to be sure. You should see your GP there and let him evaluate you. However there is no point if getting a gastric lavage done now.
Hopefully you will be fine.
Stay Healthy.

Patient: ok thank you. Is there any chance my liver can be affected long term or is this unlikely?

Doctor: Hello, If the liver gets effected, it gets effected acutely and not in long term. So, if you see any yellowish discoloration of eyes and urine, get Liver function Tests done.


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