Have recently been diagnosed with adenonysosis I have symptoms

Patient: Have recently been diagnosed with adenonysosis. I have symptoms pretty much all the time ranging in severity. For the week/2 weeks before my period and for the duration of my period I have severe uterine cramping in very lower abdominal area, I can feel actual contractions. This area during this time is also very enlarged making me look approximately 6 months pregnant for 2/3 weeks of every month. My lower abdomen is also completely rock hard to touch and vey painful when I place hands on it and even press slightly. Aside from this it feels like I have huge amount of pressure in that area. There is about a week between finishing period and these symptoms starting again. In that week I still have bad symptoms, cramping etc and lower abdomen looks about 4 months pregnant and again a sense of pressure in that area, and just general aching in the uterine area. All symptoms have been getting progressively worse. Are these symptoms normal? Could there be anything else going on that would explain it?

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query.The symptoms that you are experiencing are very classical of adenomyosis and there is n othing other than this that could be causing these symptoms. It presents with cramps, bloating and severe pain in the lower abdomen, a week before cycles and persists for few days even after the cycles. It can also change the regularity of the cycles and bleeding pattern too.Kindly consider getting this treated, to keep away from the symptoms. The definitive treatment is the removal of the uterus or hysterectomy. Since you are young, you can try other options like NSAID for pain relief, uterine artery embolisation, endometrial ablation, hormonal therapy, etc.Consider discussing these options with the gynecologist.Hope this helped.Regards