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Have three to four bumps close together located under the

Patient: Have three to four bumps close together located under the foreskin right side of my penis just beside the head. Have noticed it months ago, not sure exactly how long they have been there but it has been quite some time. They are flat and smooth, have a whiteish colour when you stretch the skin. When I don’t just looks like part of my penis and same color. There has been no spreading that I have noticed and have not had any symptoms at all. There is no liquid in them, I will upload a photo it will look red because today I was picking at it in a panic. Is this genital warts? I’m a sexually active person but I use protection most of the time and try to be cautious



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Doctor: Hello,Thak you for your medical query at I understand your concern.I have reviewed the picture t hat you sent. It looks more like an allergy and is definitely not genital warts. The warts have more of a raised papillae like structure and they seem to be protruding out from the skin. You also practise safe sex, and that limits the chances of STDs by a large extent. This also does not look like any herpes or other related STIs, so please do not worry.The skin of the glans has a lot of sebaceous glands, which sometimes can be blocked and appear as whitish raised structures. These are normal, and found in some males. There is nothing to worry about. Picking them increases chances of bacterial infection, hence you should never try picking them. My analysis is it is either enlarged sebaceous glands or an allergic response. You can try Claritin ( Loratadine ) 10 mg once at bedtime for 3 days. If they do not increase in size, or there is no associated itching or irritation, please ignore these bumps.Hope this was helpful,Feel free to discuss further,Regards.

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Patient: Well there is a bit of a raise to them, like i can rub them but they are not huge and do not seem to be growing. Would an allergic response last for many months though? Am I able to send any more pictures ?

Doctor: Hello,
Yes, allergies do not last that long unless the exposure is persistent.
Since they are small, it’s more in the favor of the raised sebaceous glands, also known as Fordyce Spots. You can still prophylactically take Claritin for 3 days to see if it is responsive.
You can send more pictures, please contact the support team for the same.


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