Having and hives in my body and it`s itching

Patient: I`m 22 male , i`m having hives and itching ,after being bitten by something (maybe scorpio) i feel my hand itch in two days,in third days i my hand is swell feeling numb and hurt, i go to see a doctor, he give me some medicine ,i use it, the numb is gone but my vein is swell in bitten place,then i go to acupuncture specialist,and better, in next two weeks my finger is being punctured by wire (maybe rusty) then i let press my finger hard and a few blood came out then in the night i feel that finger is itch,but i let it ,next two days i feel my hand is still itch and swell,so i get some oil and rub it,but it`s getting bigger and increased itching,so i go to pharmacy and give my hand some ointment but it`s not good , next 3 -4 days i eat an amoxicillin 8/10 capsule in 5 /6 days,my finger is bettter but it`s swelling in back of my hand ( didnt itch) just swell and numb , then go to my palm , and the problem come when i eat and seafood ( shrimp and sea fish) and my hand is swelling again it happens in one weeks,and it`s continues until now, but it become allergy and started to hives in many place even i dont eat seafood, ( stomach,sholulder,thigh,hand,chest,leg) didnt pop out all the place, but 2 or 3 place at the same timesorry for bad english

Symptoms: Hives and itching