Having anxiety and racing thoughts

Patient: Having anxiety and racing thoughts

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.Read your problems of anxiety and racing thoughts and history of taking Sertraline 100 an d Alprazolam 0.25.I can understand the plight you must be going through.These are very good medicines for the control of the symptoms you have. If you still are getting the symptoms you mentioned, it would be ideal for your consult your Psychiatrist again to get the adjustment of the dosages and / or change medicines.I would suggest you some non-medicinal methods which help all my patients and will help you too. These are simple, do not cost anything and easy to practice on your own.-First of all find the trigger factors which instigate or increase your anxiety, that cause racing thoughts.There are so many of them you can partake with. In a long term / long-run you would learn how trivial and unimportant they were. Just delete those things from your life. The life comes once only.- Distraction of the mind: Hobbies, creative work, involvement in real social work where people are really benefited and their smile can change your life too.- It is again a very trivial positive thing in life that changes your life too.- Try alternative methods like Yoga, exercises, Acupressure.- Be surrounded by only positive people.- Motivational books, DVDs, Music .I am hopeful that something out of all the things I suggested is going to work and your dose requirement of the medicines will get reduced drastically or may not be needed at all.I hope this answer help you