Having constant burping, nausea and back pain Recently

Patient: Having constant burping, nausea and back pain. Recently diagnosed with pancreatic pseduocyst. Will prilosec help?

Doctor: Hi.Thanks for your query.You have already a Pseudocyst of the pancreas. This is exactly behind the stomach. Hence its presence itself may be a reason for your burping, nausea and back pain.I would advise you to go for the following:Confirm and review of the change in size of the Pseudocyst on regular basis.Upper GI Endoscopy to see whether you have gastritis, gastric ulcer, which is common in this condition.Yes, surely Prilosec will help but needs to be started after Endoscopy and other investigations like Ultrasonography and CT scan will help.If your Gastroenterologist feels, he may advise for a surgery or the pseudocyst if it is not getting relief with medical management.Be prepared for a proper treatment of all the conditions you have.I hope this answer helps you.