Having mild asthma attack daily at night

Patient: Sir/mam i am a boy of age 20 from india having asthma since i was 10 months old. in up to the age of 14 my asthma attack happened on changing of weather and lasts for 3-4 days. i just consumed few basic medicines or inhaler once in 3-4 daysthen my problem solved for 3-4 years. i didn’t get any attack for few years.then again i started getting attack on changing of weather and problem solved in 2-3 weeksbut from last 2 years i am getting attacks which lasts for few months . inhaler doesn’t solve my problem it just provide me relieve when attack occurs.now problem is not basically on changing of weather. attack is mild i can wait upto few hours if i doesn’t consume any medicine or inhaler. problem doesn’t solve without inhaler

Symptoms: attack is mild and happens at night nearly between 3-5 am , it happens daily, i use cipla asthalin inhaler.