Having sex is very painful for me?

Patient: I started having sex in April and I’ve done it a handful of times. However it is always extremely painful and he never penetrates me all the way. It hurts way too much to go through. It has been getting easier but it is still very painful. Even fingering myself is uncomfortable, and I really don’t understand why. We do foreplay and we use a lot of lube, but it is still very painful. Am I just supposed to grit my teeth until it starts feeling good?

Doctor: Category : SexYour anxiety is understandable. For many women, initial experiences could be painful. One of the mai n reason is one being not prepared and lack of wetness or secretion per vagina. The foreplay is very important. Since you are already aware of it and using lube in addition, there is a few possibilities:1. Whether to prolong foreplay2. Any novelty to be added3. Vaginismus – a voluntary contraction of outer barrel of vagina when exposed to penetration – women may involuntarily spasms and cannot relax.4. Any relationship issues – including sexual aversion.5. Any fears – related to pregnancy, tear injury and traumatic past experiencesYou may need proper evaluation . First, a gynecologist to rule out any problem. Counseling behavior therapy which is specific to you – sex therapy. Please do meet your family doctor.