Having side effects with zoloft and tryptizol

Patient: Hi. Just recently I am on zoloft and a tryptizol (amitriptyline). I am experiencing high blood pressure and ringing in the ear. When I read the side effects. Both of the above side effects are there. If I stop it. Will my side effects go away? I have been taking them for less than 3 weeks. And thank you very much

Symptoms: Ringing in the ears. High blood pressure (120/90). Hyperactivity

Doctor: The side effects you listed are common and are fully reversible if being caused by the medication.The medication sho uld not be discontinued abruptly and should be reduced to half your normal dosage for a week and then stopped.The side effects can take up to 10 days to fully resolve.If at anytime the symptoms worsen or new symptoms develop despite the lowered dose, you should seek medical attention.