Having trouble conceiving

Patient: Hello,My boyfriend and I have been trying to conceive for close to 1 year now. My periods have always tended to be a bit irregular. I have been off of the birth control Symphasic for about 11 months and since I have been off of it my period has come every month; not always at the same time every month, but have consistently shown up every month for the past 11 months or so. In saying this, it has always been extremely difficult for me to be able to track my period or my ovulation schedule. For the past 12-14 days I have been spotting, everyday a little different, sometimes very light and sometimes a little more, but not a period. I have only noticed it on the toilet paper after I urinate. I have been feeling light nausea, but have not been vomiting. I have been also experiencing light cramping in my abdomen and in my lower back. I am feeling fatigued but I am not sure if it is related. In saying all of this, I have been taking pregnancy tests for quite sometime in hopes of being pregnant, but they continuously say negative. Should I try again in another 7 days or could there even be a possibility of pregnancy at this time? Is there anything that you can recommend that might make tracking my ovulation schedule any easier?Thank you very much for your time and reading my paragraph 🙂

Symptoms: Spotting, fatigue, cramping, aches, late period

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for contacting askthedoctor.comThe bleeding you are experiencing could be a stress induced breakthro ugh bleeding in form of spotting or probably an implantation bleed. But considering the symptoms which you are experiencing , it is likely that you are experiencing premenstrual syndrome which mimics pregnancy symptoms like mood swings, distaste, low abdominal ache or cramp, increased frequency of urine, tender breasts. PMS generally starts 3-4 days prior to menses and get subsided when the menstrual bleed ensues. However it would be wise to perform a urine pregnancy test beyond your expected date of menses to rule out pregnancy.Secondly , it is necessary to time your ovulation if you as a couple are trying to conceive. There are LH KITS available which are urine based test kits , also called ovulation kits. They should be used from day 10 of the cycle onwards daily , and when ever the test comes positive, then within next 36 hours ovulation should be expected which happen 36 hrs after the LH surge. So once it is positive , then you can practice sex from that very day to next 10 days and the chances of pregnancy would be increased.I hope i have answered your query in detail,wishing you good health,regards