Having trouble getting pregnant

Patient: Hi I’m 19 and having trouble getting pregnant its been about a year since bive been trying and there has been no luck my period comes every month

Doctor: Hello,Thanks for the query,Please time your ovulation with the help of ovulation kits and keep a track of your fer tile period which is 3 days prior and 7 days after the ovulation. Try natural intercourse as frequently during this period and you are likely to conceive with better chances. If still there occurs no success , then you need to get a complete gynaecological examination done with pap smear, per speculum, per vaginal exam, ultrasound pelvis, tubal patency test and hormonal profile to rule out any ovarian, uterine or hormonal causes of infertility and accordingly you shall be treated . Please discuss the options with your physician and take an informed decision as per availability of facilities.Wishing you good health,regards