Hay fever around ponds.

Patient: I have never had problems with hay fever before. But I’ve started to notice every time I’m staying (living) near a pond, be it camping or a families house, I come down with really bad hay fever effecting my nose and slightly my ears. I was just wondering if ponds can set hay fever off in a person that doesn’t normally have these symptoms. Any help would be much appreciated.Thank you.Mr B Brooks.

Symptoms: runny nose, ears feel slightly swelled in the ear canal.

Doctor: You are suferring from allergic rhinitis and the cause is not the pond per se, but the environmental allergens that are present around such a habitat. You should get your ‘Allergy Skin Prick Test’ done for environmental allergens (including insects and molds) to identify the cause. An Allergy Specialist would then suggest you the best remedy for your allergies. You may qualify for Immunotherapy or Allergy Vaccine and have a chane to get rid of your problem for long or for ever. Consult an Allergist today for further work up.