HCG diet: toxins get pulled into and out of system

Patient: I am 5’5, weigh 145 and I have been taking prescription HCG. I consume very little alcohol, no caffeine, take a lot of high end preventative vitamins, and try to eat organically although I did cheat during the holidays (and gained a few pounds because of the cheating days). I tested positive for thc with an at home test today (that’s 53 days after I last smoked). I have not smoked since Thanksgiving. Could the HCG be increasing the thc being pulled from my system? If it is the HCG pulling THC from fat deposits, how long will it go on? People talk about doing a cleanse to flush their system to quickly pass a test. I take a daily cleanse to support detoxification so I can not imagine fast cleanses really work. I did not smoke a lot and only smoked because of migraines and marijuana is more effective for migraines and has less side effects (short and long term) than pharmaceuticals.

Symptoms: None