Headache after a minor stroke.

Patient: Dad had a minor stroke on Friday, stayed in the VA hospital and came home today. His dull headache from the last couple of days has become worse and he stated he had a sharp pain 2 different times since he’s been home (5 hours). Is this normal after a minor stroke? He shows no other signs like before (speech, face droop etc)

Symptoms: Headache, 2 different times a sharp pain on the right side of his head close to his temple

Doctor: Hello,Welcome to Ask The Doctor.Headache after stroke is very common, most commonly seen after Haemorrhagic Stroke.If there is any perilesional edema seen on CT/MRI due to stroke, that can cause headache.if edema is there, he would require syrup Glycerol to reduce the intracranial pressure due to edema which might be causing headache.Another important concern after stroke is Blood pressure that can cause headache. Very high or very low BP causes the headache. So, BP should be maintained to the desired range.I hope it helps.Stay Healthy.