Headaches and arm paresthesias after a whiplash

Patient: I was in a car accident 6 months ago and when I went to the er and got xrays all they said was that I had whiplash. I got over it in a few days, but lately Ive had 15 migraines in the last two months and my right arm has been falling asleep frequently. Is it possible that the two are related and it would take that long for these things to happen to me from six months ago?

Doctor: Given your past medical history and the symptoms you are having now (headaches and right arm paresthesias), a re-assessm ent, clinical (by a physician) and with imaging (MRI) should be considered and most likely strongly recommended, because the whiplash injury (cervical acceleration-deceleration) is one of the most common cause of cervical strain and also one of the most common sequel of nonfatal car injuries, and the severity of the trauma often not correlated with the seriousness of the clinical problems. A history of neck injury is a significant risk factor for chronic neck-shoulder-arm pain. Other complications besides the pain include:  spinal cord compression, strains or tears of the anterior spinal ligaments, shoulder pain, muscular weakness and/or tingling or numbness of the arms.