Headaches, sore kidneys, brown urine

Patient: Hi about 5 weeks ago I had a sore swolen throat for about 2 days and it went away, then 3 weeks ago, i had a sore swolen throat for 5 days and it didnt go away so i got some penicillin and it went away, but the moment i finished the programme it came back, so i started on it again. it went away again. but right at the end of the second penicillin programme, the last 4 days I have had a chronic headache and really sore eyes, like when I move them they really hurt, I have been having brown urine the last two days, never had that before, and I fainted yesterday after I got up from a nap. Ive had the sweats too and my kidneys hurtIs it an STD? or something else?