Healing of Scar on Nose

Patient: I have a cut on top of my nose which I got by playing basketball.  I used Leo-fuccidin and the scar healed but it left behind a bump on my nose.  I wanted to know, how to heal the cut so that the appearance of the scar in minimized?

Doctor: Proper healing of scars is an important concern, especially when they appear on cosmetically sensitive areas such as the face.The first thing to be aware of is that your genetics plays a role in scar healing and formation. Certain individuals are more prone to excessive scarring after skin damage and the appearance of the skin may not return to its original state.  Individuals with chronic diseases such as diabetes are also known to experience slow healing.  You can’t blame everything on your parents though; smoking and a poor diet are also linked to impaired scar healing.  There is some good news if you are a smoker – studies show that if were to quit only during the time of injury and healing – you would still benefit.Your initial approach with fuccidin is appropriate as it is used to prevent an infection.  Signs that an infection may have developed include redness in the area, tenderness, fevers and a pussy discharge. If any or all of those symptoms appear within days of the injury, see your doctor.Once it is established that an infection is not present or developing, we can focus on cosmetic healing of the scar.  Studies indicate that Vitamin E oil applied several times a day to the area can reduce the appearance of scar tissue.  If the scar has become lighter or darker than the surrounding skin, your dermatologist may suggest additional prescription creams.Thank you.