Health problems

Patient: Hello doctor i have a question: its been a about 6 months that i been having extreme fatigue (feeling tired all the time) also been having lots of headaches, night sweats, dizziness and yellow skin(not eyes) also i have irregular periods , i dont know what i might have so i need your help what it could be?? Thank you

Doctor: It seems like you could be suffering from anemia which is decreased oxygen carrying capacity of the blood.It’s the m ost prevalent blood condition in the United States and is often undiagnosed in its milder forms.There are a few hundred types of anemia such as nutritional, inherited, chronic disorders related, etc. Anemia can range from mild to severe and is treated with different medicines depending upon the type of anemia. Some forms are long term and even life threatening if not diagnosed and treated appropriately.It is recommended that if you are suffering from these symptoms, you should contact your local health provider or family physician for an evaluation and diagnostic tests. It would not be a good idea to keep health related issues pending as there can be some serious consequences of the same.