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42 year old male. Tuesday I began to experience cold symptoms (sore throat, chills, possible fever). Thursday evening I had blood clots in my urine. Friday urine was clear. Saturday blood clots ret...

I had a CT scan but had no idea of the amount of radiation i was getting; my dr. never explained how much. My question is.. How can I reverse the radiation I received?

My stool has suddenly changed from very normal to small round hard balls. i also have a very small amount of bright red blood from my rectum. I assume this is hemorrhoids

Hi. Since 13 November I have been suffering from diarrhea but not that watery only like loose diarrhea and for 4 days I feel nausea but minor. I am in London and I have been to a private A&E at...

I am 28 years old and was diagnosed with Graves' disease when I was 20 and treated with RAI. I've been on 137 mcg synthroid for years and have always had numbers in the normal range. Now I'm 5 week...

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