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Hi, I am a little concerned with if I'm pregnant or not. You see I've missed my period earlier this month, it's been over 2 week. Now around the time I was meant to get my period I got a slight bit...

I just finished a 5 day prescription of azithromycin for a bronchial infection. I am still coughing and have mucus but the worst is the feeling of fatigue and slight dizzyness.

Hello I am a twenty six year old male. For the past week I have been having chest discomfort. It all started when I about hit a car and my heart felt like it was going to beat out of my chest. I ge...

I had already a question ID 528526 but I didn't get a straight answer. please just answer my question straight. is my hymen gone (broken) ? do I considered clinically not virgin ?

I took 6 unisom pills by accident. I have taken 3 before i forgot and took another 3.

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