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A volcano-looking hard lesion appeared quickly on my friend's shoulder. It grew fast - almost overnight. It itches and burns. The doctor initially thought it was a spider bite and prescribed a crea...

Can i finish my penicillin 500mg vk if i skip a few days?

I have small circles on my chest,legs, and feel. They are small circles all red with dried up skin filling the whole circle what can i do to prevent these circles or get rid of them?

I want to know is there anyway a sonogram tech can mistake this image for being six weeks pregnant. And if a woman is six weeks pregnant from this sonogram is there anyway the intercourse could ha...

Hi, I'm 18 years old from the UK. Since early August 2015 I have been binge drinking every other day. Since then, I have felt that certain of qualities I was recognised for, such as writing, eloque...

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