Healthy lifestyle but still having some stomach uneasiness and pain

Patient: I have been gradually changing my eating habits over thrlast few years, to the point where now all I eat is wholesome foods. Nothing but fruits and veg, organic beef and chicken, etc. I recently turned forty and work out 3 to 4 times a week for 50 mins plus. I have now been having a great deal of gastrinal distress, to the point where it doubles me over in pain. I am able to relieve this pain by pushing in hard on my lowere stomach until the point that I push out the gas. Never had this trouble before, what is going on?

Doctor: You may be showing symptoms of an ulcer or some involvement of the colon ( IBD or IBS). It is very difficult to exactly say what you may be having as of now. But you need to go in for some further testing which would include a physical examination along with stool investigations, maybe a colonoscopy and an ultrasound of your abdomen to find out the cause of the same.