Healthy or overweight?

Patient: I look like I weigh 120, but I actually weigh 149 and I am 5’6, almost 5’7. I exercise. I can’t help feeling like I weigh too much even though I know I’m not fat. Is my weight healthy or do I need to diet?

Symptoms: I don’t have any other health concerns.

Doctor: Thank you for contacting Askthedoctor.comBody Mass Index ( BMI) is the most useful method to assess the weight.BMI = weight in KG/ ( Ht. in Meters x Ht. In Meters)BMI = 18.5-24.9 is normal weight30 is obesity.This table would help you keep your weight in check.for you,149 pounds = 68 Kg5’6 – 5’7 = 1.70-1.73 MtsBMI = 23.25 which is in the normal range. Therefore, i recommend you keep eating healthy and there no need for you to diet.Hope this information was useful.