Hearing distortion

Patient: My problem seems to be allergy related and it affects my hearing. I have had an MRI on two different occasions and nothing such as a tumor was found. I have been prescribed a couple different nose sprays one of which was nasonex. They seem to work to a certain degree, but the problem re-occurs if I get around certain pollens such as rag-weed or alfalfa. I have a blood pressure problem, so I need to be careful which medications I use. One doctor told me I had a mucus build up against the inside of my eardrums which causes my hearing problems. I suffer from what seems like reverberation with my hearing. Most often, voices sound like two instead of just one voice when someone speaks to me. Is there a good over the counter medication I can take for my hearing problem that will not adversely affect my blood pressure medicine (lisinepril)? Thank you so much for your help.