Hearing loss during cold or flu

Patient: I have had no hearing in my right ear for about a week now. I have been sick, had nasal congestion, etc. The nasal congestion and sickness are gone but I still can’t hear. What is wrong?

Symptoms: Not able to hear

Doctor: Thank you for contacting ask the doctor. i recommend a visit to the ENT specialist and having a ear check up. This could be the result of the Eustachian tube being blocked from the discharge from cold & Flu / wax accumulation. The physician would check the internal ear and after making sure that the tympanic membrane is intact may clean the ear using medications and water. Do not attempt to clean the ear using any device at home without a professional assistance as you may damage the tympanic membrane ans cause more harm. It is advisable to get your ear cleaned once every 3 months to ensure there is no blockage from the wax. Ear drops may be prescribed to you by your physician in case there are clumps of hard wax in order to soften it.Hope this information was useful.