Heart Disease or Asthma

Patient: I have chest tightness and I feel like my heart is acting weird. I mean when I lie down I can feel my heart beating loudly sometimes. When Im sitting I feel like my heart is beating up to my throat, I mean I can feel my heart beating in the lower part of my throat, it feels like im being suffocated..And Im having shortness of breath also.Im taking Zykast everyday for my sinusitis, I also take Nasoflo (twice puff in each nostril) once in a while when I feel my sinusitis is getting worse. I exercise everyday. I sleep 10pm in the evening.Just stating these for reference as to what causes this symptoms I’m having.

Symptoms: Chest tightness, shortness of breath, palpitations, feeling the beat of my heart up to the end of my throat to the point of feeling suffocation